Different Types Of Saws

tool rental Long IslandDo you have a project that you might be working on in the backyard? If you have a construction project that you need to work on and you are looking for a durable saw, our team at Carbon equipment has a proposition for you. Our company offers tool rental Long Island. If you want to learn more about how tool renting may be best for you just keep reading.


Should you rent tools or buy them? 

While buying tools may be useful for some people, not everyone needs to bust out an ole reliable saw to work on a new construction project every weekend. It may simply not make sense for you to have to purchase an entire saw that you’re going to use once and then leave it in the garage for a few years just so that it could get dusty. That is where we come in. Renting a saw from us will be much more affordable and all while reducing the clutter in your garage. 


What kind of saws do you need?

The type of saw depends on the goal that you are trying to accomplish. Our team at Carbon equipment offers three different types of saws available for tool rental Long Island:

  • Walk-behind saw: this type of saw is used for creating grooves and inlays in slabs of concrete. This type of saw requires extreme attention and caution while operating so that no injuries will be sustained. We offer saws ranging from 14 – 36 inches. 
  • Concrete cutting saw: this type of saw is very versatile and is perfect for DIY home projects. If you need to reshape an existing piece of concrete with precision, such as your patio, paving stones, sidewalk, countertop, or flooring a concrete saw will do the job just right. 
  • Handheld Demo saw: This type of saw is much smaller and more portable. Don’t let the size fool you though. A handheld Demo saw can cut concrete as well as steel.


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Whether you are working on a DIY project or looking to renovate your home, we offer tool rental Long Island so that you can use premium tools to help you in accomplishing and completing your project at a fraction of the price. Contact us today by calling us at (516) 660-0458 or visit our website to explore all that we have to offer.

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