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Diamond Blades

A diamond blade is a saw blade that has diamonds fixed to its edge to cut abrasive or hard materials. Unlike other blades, these blades don’t cut the material. They use friction to cut like a grinding wheel. Diamond blades can be used to cut just about anything with an aggregate base.

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Abrasive Blades

Abrasive blades are used to cut hard materials like tile, concrete, and metals. Our selection of abrasive blades can handle wet cutting, dry cutting, and grinding operations. Abrasive blades can provide high quality results with minimal surface deformation.

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Diamond Chains

Diamond chain blade attachments can be used to cut through tough concrete, brick, stone, and other masonry products. A diamond chain has the durability and strength to cut through the toughest surfaces.

Air Hoses

Air hoses can be used to deliver compressed air. Air hoses need to be strong enough to handle high pressure to prevent damage and leakage. When choosing an air hose, you need to take into consideration the material, the length required for the job, and the inside diameter. We have the right tool for you in our vast inventory of air hoses.

Water Hoses

Carbon Equipment Corp offers a wide array of water hoses that are ideal for a wide range of applications. Water hoses are designed to be used with water, but can be useful for delivering compressed air in wet environments. The lining inside water hoses allows resistance to pressure changes and changes in temperature.

Suction Hoses

Suction hoses work with pumps and are used for general water removal or other unneeded materials like chemical buildup. They can also be used to transport solid materials like wood chips or sand. Our suction hoses are made from various materials such as polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Drill Steel

Drill steel is a high grade material used in tools that are ideal for drilling applications like excavation, mining, hard rock drilling, drifting, and tunneling. Carbon Equipment Corp offers a variety of drill steel shaft dimensions to suit your work.

Chisels & Points

A chisel is a tool that is widely used in construction and masonry works. Chisels are used to shape, sharpen, and curve materials like bricks, cement, stone and metal. Chisels are often driven with a mallet or hammer to shape solid material. A chisel point is used to mark a straight line on stone.

Carbide Rock Bits

Drills are one of the most important items you need in your toolbox. Carbide rock bits are one of the most brittle and hardest of drill bit materials. Carbide rock bits are used for some of the hardest and most demanding materials, and can cut through tile, masonry, concrete and more.
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