Uses Of A Trench Roller

equipment rental Bronx NYTrench rollers, also called multipurpose compactors, perform well in different cohesive soil types, such as clays, that can be extremely difficult to compact. Depending on the job, most construction sites require dirt to be compacted properly. Compacting the soil helps ensure that the ground will be free from air pockets that lead to the ground shifting during construction. The right compaction equipment provides the ground solid you need for pavements and foundations. No matter what project you’re working on, you want to work with supplies and tools you can trust to get the job done. Whether you’re doing construction, metalworking, woodworking, or DIY projects, Carbon Equipment offers various best-selling services, solutions, and equipment rental Bronx NY. 


Uses Of A Trench Roller

Trench rollers are advanced and reliable machines for compacting difficult cohesive soil on any job site. When using trench rollers, they are often remote-controlled to prevent a human worker from having to enter a trench to operate it. Trenches must dig below for pipes and electrical lines to place in the ground. The machine usually features steel wheels that can compress the soil, along with a heavy narrow body within which the diesel or gas-powered engine is mounted to go through narrow trenches. Trench rollers become useful in this application because they will compact the new soil and not be held up by the older soil on either side of the trench that has already been compacted over time. Click the link for more information on trench rollers and how they can impact your job site. Carbon Equipment offers more than just trench rollers to our customers; a few more compactors are available below. 

  • Paver rollers
  • Rollers 
  • Reversible plate tampers 
  • Vibratory rammers
  • Forward plate tampers 


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