What Are Air Tools Used For?

Tool Rental Huntington NYAre you looking to get a DIY project done? Well, there is an air tool for almost every DIY chore. This includes drilling holes, driving nails, spraying paint, sawing wood, polishing surfaces, and sandblasting away paint. At Carbon Equipment Corporation, we offer tool rental Huntington NY, so you can give one of our air tools a try for your next project. 


What are Air Tools?

Air tools are tools powered by compressed air rather than electricity. They are also called pneumatic tools. Each of these tools has an air compressor that provides a burst of air that is pressurized enough to form a specific task. Depending on the task, you have to know how much air the tool will consume and how much pressure is needed to get the task done. The volume and pressure of the tool are indicators of how strong the air compressor needs to power your tool. 


Benefits of Air Tools

If you are looking to get a project done, look into a tool rental Huntington NY, for an air tool. Air tools have many benefits, including:

  • They are lightweight, each to use, and portable.
  • They are useful in remote locations that do not have a lot of access to power.
  • They get jobs completed quickly and easily. 
  • They are safe in wet environments or when there are sparks from motors.  
  • They offer users flexibility since almost all air-driven tools use the same ¼” quick-connect fittings. This means you can use a single compressor to power several tools at the same time. 
  • They can last a lifetime with a small amount of maintenance. 


Popular Air Tools and Their Uses

  1. Air Powered Drill: These drills can be used all around the interior and exterior of your building. It can help with chipping, piercing, cutting, trimming, and riveting. 
  2. Pneumatic Grease Gun: This tool lubricates equipment such as chainsaws and lawnmowers. 
  3. Air-Powered Ratchet Wrench: This tool is designed to do work in a smaller, limited space. 
  4. Pneumatic Impact Wrench: When it comes to removing and assembling fasteners, this tool can save lots of time and effort. 
  5. Pneumatic Staple Gun: These staple guns are known for being able to handle tough jobs such as installing siding or repairing furniture. 
  6. Dual-Action Pneumatic Finish Sander: Sanding surfaces by hand is not ideal. With this tool, the finish sander can do this for you. 


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