What Is A Rebar Cutter?


Concrete equipment rental BronxAre you working on a project and wondering where you should rent your tools? At Carbon Equipment, we offer our best-selling rental tools to tackle any project you are working on. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our exclusive tools that are also cost-effective. Our company provides a variety of tools you may need, such as concrete equipment rental Bronx. If you are interested in learning more about the several types of equipment we offer, please keep reading! 


Concrete Equipment

If you need concrete tools for your upcoming projects, look no further. Each tool has its purpose and we are eager to guide you with the correct tools that are required for your tasks. Listed below are a few examples of concrete equipment rental Bronx that you can possibly get today!


  • Truss Screed
  • Electric Concrete Vibrator 
  • Wheel and Tracked Concrete Buggy 
  • Scarifiers 
  • Ride-On Trowel 
  • Portable Rebar Bender 
  • Rebar Cutter 


Rebar Cutter 

Rebar is frequently used in concrete work because it provides strength and durability to the concrete. Rebar is also known as steel reinforcement bars. A rebar cutter is a machine that cuts rebars so that you can shape them when building structural reinforcement for concrete work. We provide rebar cutters so that you can cut rebar safely and easily. Visit or call our store so that you can see if we have any of the concrete equipment rental Bronx that you need today. Here are a few examples of the types of rebar cutter tools: 


  • Manual Rebar Cutter: A handheld tool that cuts rebar up to 19 mm in diameter
  • Electric Rebar Cutter: Provides precise cutting and bending. It is a popular tool when cutting rebar because of its safety and performance. 
  • Two in One Rebar Cutter: Performs both cutting and bedding of rebar all in one tool. 
  • Two in One Rebar and Bender Machine: Speeds up the process of cutting and bending rebar in less than ten seconds 


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